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I still think [livejournal.com profile] thehappyreturn could have written this better.

Hornblower fairy tale rework of HCA's The Little Mermaid. )
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It has been indicated to me that the latest fashion in trendy fandom circles is . . . to write crackfic in which one of the main characters turns into an animal. I am, uh, ever a slave to fashion. Or something.

Inspired by seeing [livejournal.com profile] cupiscent write about Sam Winchester as a cat.

Literally written in five minutes in IM to phantomsangel. Unedited except for spelling. XD )
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Two versions of the same fairy tale. I am a retard; it is true.

Version 1. )

Version 2. )
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It's a two for one Rhod special. Plagiarization AND crossover! )

The seeds of the idea are from this pair by [livejournal.com profile] commodorified. And this is the original legend; this is the comfortable man reference, and the two lines at the end are stolen and hacked from a certain scene in a certain Hornblower book.
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Alas, not back yet, but there are hopes! There are hopes! HH-style fairytale based on a Hans Christian Anderson story.

The v. short, total sap version that is nothing like the fearsome, terrible original. )

ETA: Hopes are dashed. Will continue to be out -- the fuckfaces want me to pay $900 to fix my computer. We shall see.
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HH/WB. Of sorts. And NC-17. No, seriously, I mean it this time. From a throwaway comment of phantomsangel last night, and possibly painfully OOC. )

Again, let's pretend that this is not the most shallow fic ever, uh, and that it was not, ah, inspired by the fact that I had an icon that I was obsessed with last night and one of [livejournal.com profile] phantomsangel's that made me go *___*. Let's pretend that it was inspired by those nifty Japanese stories about a man who stops at a mysterious temple for a night?
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Snippet from the Horatio Hornblower alternate reality fic that will never get written out entirely. The notion is that Bush and Hornblower are working together fixing up some dude's house on a fancy resort island during the off season. It's all atmospheric, and Hornblower is all mysterious.

NC-17, and uh. Let's pretend boat grade wood > cabinet wood. At least in Bush's head, anyways. And pretend that I am not TOTALLY BABBLING OUT OF MY ASS re: cabinets. )
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More HH stories in the style of fairy tales. :D

Bush, based around an idea from black_hound that deserves way better. )

Actually. *mind-tricks* You will ignore the fic. You will, intead, look at the whitest man alive and the best profile EVER, excuse the shiny nose.

Both caps from Nice Town, which [livejournal.com profile] black_hound was kind enough to send me. ^____^
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G. Archie. Style experiment more than anything else. )

Based on a happy little dorkish conversation that [livejournal.com profile] randomalia and I have been having about this and this.

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