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Stealing Fire by Jo Graham. )

Hands of Isis by Jo Graham. )

No, I lied. This is my real beef with the book: WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CLEOPATRA/CHARMAIN SISTERCEST? HOLY LORD OF GOD. I mean, dude, Graham has Charmain lubing and fingerfucking Cleopatra as prep for offering her virginity to Gnaeus Pompey. Charmain is in-book canon massively bisexual. They are both Ptolomies. Antony's wife goes to Cleopatra at one point and offers to go down on her.

I ask you where is it. Where is it
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Guys, every goddamn time I pick up the book,* this happens -- I'm like, oh, I'm only reading for a few minutes, and then, I glance over at the clock, and fuck me, it's 1 A.M, my brain hurts, the past fifty pages have been baggage trains in the desert, and plus, everybody around me has actually gone to bed because I've been ignoring them for three hours. And look, I've actually kicked over a glass of water from thrashing about on the couch in joy and didn't notice.

Which is to say, I've been reading The Persian Boy again )

* This time, it's because of a combo of talking to [personal profile] fulselden and starting to do a little reading for original fic. Yeah, I know, original fic. Remind me how to write that if I'm not doing a chapter book for 5th grade English? Except, oh wait, that was Black Stallion fanfic anyways. #()$*_)@(*#.
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The universe wants gay porn. I mean, it's a rainy, blustery morning, and I'm debating whether to go to the gym, but I open up my bathroom reading and BEHOLD!!! From Seven Pillars by Lawrence. )

Gives that bit in the movie a different tone, eh? :D
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All right. I don't know how I feel about the whole thing and am only fifty or sixty pages into it, but I thoroughly approve of Lawrence's pissiness about being asked to correct his creative spelling. XD And his issues with publication.

But more for the gay writing files: Seven Pillars of Wisdom by TE Lawrence. )

In short, flaming is right. Or at least seriously debated. And yes, I know you thought I'd post the dedication, but this is actually my favorite passage so far. )
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Fire From Heaven by Mary Renault. In short: STICK TO THE FIRST PERSON, WOMAN. )

In other news, I'm going to be (mostly) out of commission for the next week or so while the laptop is off in the shop. Again. Because I am awful hard on my computers.
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Of absolutely no interest to anybody but me, and I mean it, but it goes here because it's all fannish and fandomy: Ten Best-Loved Bits from Katharine Kerr's Deverry Series. Massive spoilers, not that anybody is going to be reading Kerr, and generally incomprehensible )


If [livejournal.com profile] babel is reading this, she's laughing her ass off. Whenever we (attempt) to write something original together, I always suggest names like "Bob" or "Adam" and veto her interesting, ethnic or historic ones because I like them whitebread names, but oh Rhodry, Rhodry, Rhodry. You'd break every rule in the book if half of them weren't written because of you. <3 My first LJ name and online nick from now until eternity? Related to you. The first AIM name that I chose? Related to the Deverry books. My complete and rampaging love for a certain Alaskan male model? I did not realize it at the time, but coincidentally with the same coloring and physical build as you, O Gary Stu that I Loved Best.

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