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OK. So I'm such a newbie in this fandom that I don't know whether this is like recc'ing Cassie Claire, but OMG. Compay Segundo. NC-17.

And yes, I know it's another one of those fics about the Great Jedi Tradition of a master pegging his Padawan up the ass, but what makes this fic readable -- let alone surprisingly, surprisingly good -- is the execution. Gloriana never a takes quite the route that you were expecting. Her sex scenes communicate real, genuine knowledge of what it's like to have sex like that. Above all, though, she makes her Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan sound like Jedi. She invests in the whole silly tradition; she gives it cultural background, and hello, there is Qui/Xan, OMG.

True, [livejournal.com profile] stella_belli pointed out some quibbles with the Qui-Gon characterization, and there are some parts of this that would have had me rolling around the bed with hilarity if the rest of it weren't so well-executed. At one point, in fact, I was telling Dilly that the fic had not only jumped the shark but also dogfish, lungfish, and groups of amphibians.

The author sold me in the end, though. She even redeems the sappy true-love ending by having Obi-Wan realize some rather nasty truths about his relationship with Qui-Gon, and man. :D This is 314K of solid gold crack, man. Solid.

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