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A 720 x 480 encapsulation for why I love a pairing where I have to type out names as giggly-suggestive as HORNBLOWER and BUSH. )

Annnnd in conclusion, I'm a big pathetic sap, and since it's now April, it's also now time for me to pull my twice-a-year fic hiatus. I'll do my [livejournal.com profile] ioan_ficathon piece, and I'll be around, but no more fic, no more meta posts, no more researchy bits. Not until May.

List of HH-related ficideas so that I won't forget. )
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Historical breakdown. Just notes for myself. )

Original LJ-cut text changed because of worries that I'm writing about "bushes" and "periods."
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More for the fun Edward Pellew files (and also for the HOW THE FUCK DID BUSH END UP A MIDSHIPMAN???? ones, too). All of the below are from Michael Arthur Lewis's "A Social History of the Navy: 1793-1815," which for the record, is pretty much badassly awesome.

Bribery, influence, etc. )

And another angle on what would've happened to Ultimate Sailor post-Napoleonic War even if he'd had both feet. )

There's also a delightful discussion of Nelson's first lieutenant on the Victory, John Quilliam, who was not only Lower Deck but also a presed man, and lgkjdfh. James Bowen! )
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] despatches, hilarity from the Gutenberg e-text of a period biog of Eddie Pellew overseen by his younger brother Israel. )


It's such a fucking delightful read -- little midshipmen love! (hint hint, [livejournal.com profile] karabou) Colorful Pellews who had scandalous songs made of them!

Sure, it might all be propaganda, but I love Robert Lindsay, and I love pink nightcaps, and I'd love it even without pink nightcap and Robert LIndsay because it is bravery and adventure and saucy and scandal and <3333333333333333333333333 I don't even care that, as far as I can tell, there's no reference to Pellew's bastard son who became the second Exmouth. Issue resolved. No bastard son, alas, just shitty Wiki.
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Yes, this LJ could basically be called, "WM BUSH IS TEH KEWLIEZIST."

Quick notes on the verybeginningMutinyBush v. bookLt. Bush now that I've got a better handle on book-canon. )

In summary: movie Bush is much less likeable off the bat than book Bush. He's a good bit more distant, more formal. Substantively, they're still the same person in a way that the Hornblowers aren't -- movie!Hornblower is NOT book!Hornblower -- but there're a major difference between the Bush that we see at the start of LtH and the one we see in Mutiny. Our immediate impressions of bookBush are that he's obervant, tough, and practical; our immediate impressions of movieBush are that he's observant, careful of his dignity, and since we're coming into this in the mindset of HH and AK, something of a suckup.

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In which I loudly profess my love for Book!Edrington. )

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The Mirror of the Sea, as pointed out by [livejournal.com profile] black_hound and because I'm an uncultured savage, the first Conrad book I've ever finished.

Chunks that might be useful for Bushfic. Notes in bold italics. )
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] black_hound's kindness, the friends-of list did some exploding this past weekend, and I think I had my foot in my mouth so many times that I've practically got toes growing out of the back of my throat, so uh.

Hello, Horatio Hornblower fandom. :D My name is Rhod, and until pretty recently, this livejournal was a really ittle Star Wars only place where I spammed a handful of very tolerant people with whatever pandrippings fell out of my stupid head and got to dance around with a lampshade on my head without anybody really noticing.

A general disclaimer that should go on this LJ: I know that I occaisionally sound like some kind of firebreathing snotface fandom ultrabitch, but I really don't mean to offend anyone, ever -- I actually have this total horror of flame wars and drama and, really, fandom as such to the point where I don't put headers on my fic because O______________O THAT MEANS I EXPECT PEOPLE TO READ IT OR ARCHIVE IT OR PAY ATTENTION TO IT; I DON'T WANT TO IMPOSE ON THEM; I KNOW MY FIC IS JUST SILLY STUPID TRASH; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY PLEASE DON'T THINK THAT I WANT TO IMPOSE DON'T HURT ME O______O

So yeah. I really don't mean to offend or be snotty or arrogant on this LJ, particularly when I'm a complete and total newbie in a particular fandom. I'm just, uh, poorly socialized and will try to stop being so insanely and utterly neurotic. I really will, and in the meantime, when I get annoying, hit me on the nose.

And uh, hey, in keeping with my resolution to never post anything onto here without at least some fic content. Salient, possibly useful excerpts from the first six chapters of autobiography of book!Horatio's favorite author. )


Jan. 5th, 2006 09:19 pm
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Apologies for trampling on the timeline of the peace of Lieutenant Hornblower, general notions of weather, basic geography, naval tradition, and common sense, as well as a lovely fic of the same name by a friend of mine. And yeah. The first dozen fics or so of mine in a fandom are always kind of rough and overstuffed.

Completely self-indulgent book!Hornblower/Bush pap. R, spoilers for all the books. This's practice for writing Qui-Gon in knots, OK? )

And I think I finally figured out why I love a freaking Linkin Park Horatio Hornblower vid so much. )
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<3333333333333333333 omg. bookBush/bookHoratio forever omg. )

SO YES. THERE YOU HAVE IT. Two dudes who do things like bring each other fruit baskets and lemonade and go charging into decks strewn with the dead for each other and watch each other bathe and get all prickly under the skin and then go brothel-hopping together ALL IN CANON AND ACCORDING TO THE WORDS THAT THE AUTHOR PUTS DOWN, OK, AND THIS IS THE GAYEST BOOK IN THE SERIES and shut up, [livejournal.com profile] butterscotch, I can hear you laughing at me all the way over hear -- except for the fact that in the next book, Guy A is hanging curtains in Guy B's cabin (I'm not even shitting you) and three books later Guy B is reaching across a dark carriage to take Guy A's hand to help him make it through the night.

And this is in addition to the fact that Bush and Horatio are insanely, incredibly interesting in their own rights, separate from teh gayz0r? And heartstoppingly beautiful writing that resonantes even for somebody who only cares enough about boats to know which side to puke off of? And the further fact there are just piles and piles of 100%, no EU, no bullshit hand-flapping arguments about canon to go through, so I can take every word as gospel truth and spin, spin, spin to my heart's content?

Book fandom, I have missed you so much.
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Things I Have Been Pondering About Mr. Wm. Bush. AKA: rampant crazy speculation about both the Book Bush and the Movie Bush. )

One of the most IDJf;lakdjg;lkdhf;lkjd moments I have ever read. From the 'horatio bringz the gay, gay, gay love even when neither gruffudd nor gaygory peck is playing him' files )

And, in closing, a totally complete list of reasons why Horatio is awesome

  1. Gibbon is, quite properly, Horatio's homeboy. I can't think of any other author whose main work is so right for Hornblower, particularly bookHornblower, to carry with him on every sea voyage. <3
  2. Unlike some, Horatio appreciates the amazingness of a good cheese together with something that has a good fruity flavor.
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Theoretically, I should start a new LJ for this, but everyone I know who enjoys Hornblower follows this LJ. I also suspect that I'm notgoing to be able to be nearly as invested in HH as I am in SW because holy God, is the canon imposing or what? Not only are the movies so, so, so good and rich and involving, but I've started reading the books, and adlkjg;lkdjf;alsidhg;ladkjf. OMG.

Notable things, things to remember from Book 2 of the Horatio Hornblower series. )

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