Aug. 2nd, 2006 02:39 pm
quigonejinn: (hornblower - the one we lost)
A few notes:
1. This is really goddamn long.

2. It's still not quite long enough. I'm not satisfied with this at all, and I think that to really get things laid out properly, have a nice narrative arch that, you know, keeps things from being retarded, I'd have to write a 100,000 word novel. I lack either the time or the talent for that. Plus, there be some growin' up I need to do if I want to really write this story the way that it should be written.

3. I don't think that male/male sex necessarily requires one guy to act like a chick. I have no guarantees that Horatio Hornblower being, in many respects, your average American dude unversed in gender and sex theory, does not.

4. While I did a decent amount of research for this -- a lot of time on Google, four books, reading every @(#)*@ article on Wiki -- it's not going to ring true for people who actually, um, know about stuff. You'll just have to suspend your disbelief, OK? Or better yet, just not read this.
Book Horatio Hornblower and Company as 20th century US Marines. Crack levels: LEEEETHAL. NC-17, HH/WB, HH/Barbara. )

Thanks to [ profile] iansmomesq for the original idea and for generous enough to let me play with it. Thanks, too, to [ profile] black_hound and [ profile] babel for hand holding. I SWEAR MY NEXT FIC WILL NOT SUCK LIKE THIS.

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