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Random pile of completely unconnected beginnings for future Hornblower fic. No spoilers, second and fourth are movie. Other two are book.  )

And my favorite quote of the day so far from my re-reading of Hornblower and the Hotspur, from the morning after they )(@*#)(@* schooled a whole host of French shipping right under the noses of the French on-shore battery and while they are making their getaway:
"Fire away, Monseer le Frog," said Bush. "The damage is done."
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yet another quick-and-dirty list of fic ideas that I dlkja;ldk do not have time to write. more for so that EL BRAIN SIEVE won't forget them )

All of which is to say that the ONE THING I want more than, like, anything else in the universe is a document fic that's, like, Obi-Wan's sketchbook from when he's about nineteen or twenty and traveling around the Old Republic with Qui-Gon and bored shitless for days on end. A phase that he grew out of, but I bet he had a very light, draftsmanlike architectural style -- doodles of alien buildings, ships, little pictures of rooms that they've stayed in, a couple of botched attempts to draw alien babes. Designs for modifications that he was maybe thinking about making to his lightsaber, a few sketches of some of the moving sculptures of Alderaan.

The last page, of course, is a doodle of Master, looking out of a starship window. :>

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