Oct. 6th, 2006 03:51 am
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Three Hornblower fics that I've beend struggling to write for almsot six months at this point, and ;lkgj;ldkfjghdfadf. It's not happening. )
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At one moment he sat gorged and bloated with food at a trestle table, at another he was skipping madly over the courtyard cobbles between two buxom maidens, hand in hand with them and laughing unrestrainedly. There were laughing children everywhere.

PG-13. Bush leaves spawn in France during Flying Colours. Possibly AU; set after Lord Hornblower. )
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What can I say? There has been so much filthy, filthy porn involving Paul McGann in one incarnation or the other my life in the past 24 hours. I mean. MAN. Even the schmoop is full of sexx.

A pile of vaaaaguely connected HH/WB with prostitute sprinkles. NC-17. )
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A mess of things that I don't like enough to polish properly or expand/integrate into something worthwhile, but like enough so that I can't just hide them in the desk drawer.

The last two snippets are taken almost directly from [ profile] randomalia's Kennedy meta, thrown into the chunky language blender, and made into sludge.

plbegasm! R-ish, wandering into NC-17 for the second one, and then de-pornifying the closer you get to the end. )

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