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"I was cutting his hair on the deck. He refuses to go to a real barber because he says he can't bring himself to pay more than thirty five cents for a hot shave and a cut, so he's upstairs showering and will be down in a second. In the meantime, let me fill you in about -- "

Yeah, so. Look. Look. The means to make the Super Soldier serum again died with Doctor Erskine. There were only a few samples of Steve's blood taken the day of the initial test, and of those samples, most of anything useful had been diluted into uselessness by the Red Room, by the people that work with the Red Room, for over four decades now. Means of preservation where cruder then, less reliable. Now there's only: Winter Soldier, Natasha, Steve Rogers, who is, granted, the one with the most potential to be of use--both for his skills, sure, but also. There's a whole lot still to be studied, and the tech is much, much more advanced than what anyone had five decades ago.

Steve Rogers is useful. Natasha has a very specialized skill set, and this isn't the Red Room, but Steve Rogers seems to like her.
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