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[info]quigonejinn: I am as amused as a twelve year old over the fact that the Wiki entry for HH lists Bush as his "closest friend" in quotation marks just like that.

[info]randomalia: I think there's also a wiki entry for "closest friend" that has the subsections 'manlove', 'pineapples' and 'doing it over a cask of rum right after Sunday inspection.'
Like I don't have enough fandom journals. Holder/brainspam/WIP repository livejournal for burgeoning full-blown SW geekdom and burgeoning full-blown Hornblower, particularly book Hornblower, obsession. And uh, there might be this movie? About a guy in a gold-titanium suit? He has daddy issues.


If I friend you, it's because I find your SW or HH fandom stuff fascinating and interesting and because I don't have any other convenient way of following you. Don't feel compelled to friend me back -- I won't be offended if you don't want, you know, to read 2AM blatherings about what toilets at the Jedi Temple must look like or 60 pages of notes for a three paragraph story.

If I don't friend you, it's not because I think you suck. I use this LJ as a quick-and-dirty fandom reading list; it's all about the lightsabers, Padawan braids, leaky wooden ships, hoarse-voiced first lieutenants, and the people that post a whole lot about them. If we share a fandom, I probably follow your LJ through fandom newsletters or the f-lists of others. If you have a personal livejournal, I am one of those creepy stalkers who reads it manually and drives up the loads on your hidden hit counter.

Friend and defriend me at will. Also feel free to link to anything in here that's not marked as GOD PLEASE DON'T LINK THE SHAME THE BURNING SHAME :/. The title is usually up in the subject line, and well, beware of falling typos, missing o's and s's because I'm a horrid typist, sentence fragments, EXTENDED USAGE OF ALL CAPS, and on-the-fly revision. There will also be emoticons. :D

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fucktard q/o fascists, fucktard q/o kneejerkers, good riddance stupid fuckers, hamelt, hamelt the tasty snack, hms burning shame, hobaggery (full extent), homond, kingston whoreapalooza 1801, lively as crickets, my favorite word: more, qui-gon jim, salt porkings, sapemoangstporn, soy cheese, velour armchairs with doilies, wb hornblower
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