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This is pretty damn long. Broken into two parts for LJ's length limits. See the notes at the end of part 2 for at least an attempt to talk about the gender issues and intent behind this?

Stephanie Rogers goes into the chamber. Somebody they decide to call Steve Rogers comes out. Genderswap-ish Captain America with lashings of comic canon. Also, the pronouns, as you can imagine, are a mess. PG-13. )
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I wrote a fic a couple weeks ago where Steve got the girl, the apartment, and all of the cool friends. He made out OK! Nothing was awful! Nobody got smacked around! Nobody was raped! And this is my soul's opposite reaction. Though nobody dies in this one either.

FEBRILE ANIMAL UNDERBRAIN ACTIVATE. I have no idea when vodka was introduced in the US. Long descriptions of violence. Here be potentially triggering non-con bad touch sexual terribleness on, you know. Multiple fronts. I'm not kidding. Also, stuff happens to Steve that fandom usually doesn't see outside kinkmeme. You are warned. )
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Guys, I have so many feelings about Avengers. We went back to see it this afternoon, and I just can't deal with it.

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Just got back. Suspect I may never sleep again. How did I end up with Hulk feelings. How did I end up with Hawkeye feelings. How did I end up with Loki feelings. How did I ship people actually working together and being good at it. What is wrong with me.
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This is the fluffiest story I have ever written. Its subtitle is basically EVERYBODY LOVES STEVE INCLUDING ME, RHOD.

Steve Rogers and Brooklyn. )
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Premises of this fic:

* Bucky comes back from the Hydra isolation chamber with serious goddamn damage. In fact, Hydra's work on him is the base that the Red Room uses in Winter Soldier-rizing him.

* Blowjobs.

Steve/Bucky and lots of sad. )
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Steve, Natasha, the past. Amalgam of Marvel movieverse and comics and video game Captain America canon.

People and Things. )


Apr. 7th, 2012 09:38 pm
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Some people have a thing for fic about sibcest or fucking against walls. SPN fandom has a thing for knotting (no, don't google that. Seriously, I'm not joking.)

I have a thing for fic about really, really, really awkward sex.

Cap/Bucky. Ish. Movieverse. Pretend this happens after Bucky and Steve talk in the pub, and Peggy leaves. Strong R. )


Mar. 26th, 2012 09:46 pm
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Ficathon prompt from [profile] casterlys: katniss everdeen, others, catching fire AU: quarter quell doesn’t require old victors, so katniss becomes a mentor

Strong PG-13. Spoilers for all books through Mockingjay. Massive AU death warnings.

Dry Eyes.

Mar. 25th, 2012 07:38 pm
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I don't even know. It started out with watching the Hunger Games on Friday, then trying to figure out how to get to write Obadiah procuring Katniss for Tony for a night and degenerated from there. Alas, that doesn't actually happen in this, but there is bad touching. Blame [personal profile] destronomics.

Iron Man in the Hunger Games universe, and takes liberties with details of both. Heavily Tony/Pepper. Described violence, referenced non-con, possibly triggering. )
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Captain America, movieverse with bits and pieces of the larger universe. Everything I know about spycraft comes from watching Sandbaggers and reading, like, two John Le Carre novels.

PG-13 for implications of people who are good in the movie doing bad, violent stuff.

Cold War, Peggy, Steve, and Bucky in all kinds of combinations, present and not present. Winter Soldier. )
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Bedroom Hymns
Luther set to Florence + the Machine. 15 MB, MP4.
John Luther, Alice Morgan, murder adventures. Warning for shots of graphic blood and mess and poor Indira Varma being held still with something pointy and close to her eardrum.

Two Moons.

Feb. 27th, 2012 08:34 pm
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Listen, certain fandoms and certain ships you never leave behind. Prompted by [livejournal.com profile] th_esaurus posting about it.

Star Wars, the Phantom Menace. )
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Which is to say that those of you out there who always, always, always wanted to write genuinely interactive fanfiction, but could never figure out how to do it without making people download shit/step out of their browsers. Oh my God. GUYS. GUYS.





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99 Problems
Hugo covering Jay-Z covering Iron Man and Iron Man 2
M4V container, watchable in VLC
16.4 MB or so.

This was mostly an excuse to watch my favorite parts of Iron Man avec ladies (Christine! Pepper! More Christine! More Pepper!) and my favorite parts of Iron Man 2 avec ladies (Maria! Black Widow! Alas, no more Maria, but lots and lots more of Black Widow!), and enjoyable bits avec gentlemen (Tony being secretly emo! Tony being openly emo! OBADIAH THE CREEPER! HAPPY PUNCHING THINGS AND BEING LESS AWESOME AT IT THAN BLACK WIDOW BUT ALMOST AS ADORABLE!) Really, though. Let's be honest. Everybody is less awesome than Christine, Pepper, Black Widow, and Maria.

Except maybe Rhodey? Possibly Rhodey.

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