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Date: 2017-04-26 01:50 pm (UTC)
quigonejinn: (torchwood - rush the door)
From: [personal profile] quigonejinn
We have Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and while I appreciate that it has a lot of text and pages to keep our little crivens entertained, Mr. Rhod makes fun of me because I object to WHY THE FUCK THESE LETTERS WOULD BE TRYING TO CLIMB THE COCONUT TREE. DO LETTERS

To which Mr. Rhod points out that the Hungry Caterpillar is acceptable to me, but (i) caterpillars don't eat the kind of food that the caterpillar eats during the week, particularly on Saturday, and (ii) butterfly caterpillars come out of a chrysalis, not a coccoon.


( I really do like Anna Dewdney, tho. We have her book on pangolins, and it's a reliable go-to that I forgot in my list of hateration. There's a part where the little pangolin gets scared and trips and rolls down a hill, and the book says something about the baby pangolin lying very still. And Mr. Rhod STILL LAUGHS AT ME about how, the first time I read the book in the haze of post-birth hormones, my heart jumped up into my throat ready to ragequit out of the book because I thought the baby pangolin might be DEAD and WHAT KIND OF STORYBOOK DOES THAT and HOW COULD YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF TEH TINY DEAD BABY PANGOLIN.

Reader, the baby pangolin was not dead. Reader, the baby pangolin didn't even had a bruise. Reader, the baby pangolin is curled up in a protective ball, and he opens his eyes a teensy crack, and finds another ball is peeping back, and subsequently made friends not only with another baby pangolin, but a little baby monkey, and learned a valuable lesson about not being scared of new things.)

In short, Llama Llama Red Pajama Woop Woop.
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