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Apropos of nothing but five (!) years on Tumblr, I have to say that it's kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda delightful to come back to a more journal-y format. Tumblr feels a lot like San Diego Comic Con in all of its glory and all of its misery.

Like, there are so many pretty things to look at! So many text posts to read! A never-ending torrent of multimedia content, along thousands and thousands of strangers, with hundreds of people at any given time standing and holding forth and waving their arms and loudly expressing themselves, and sure you can meet your friends behind the Marvel booth, and it's so so so nice to see all these people who are also interested in something similar, but oh God, it's so loud, and most of these people are so wrong, and is it really worth fighting through all those crowds????

In contrast, when I posted to DW yesterday, old fandom friends, some of whom I haven't connected with in years, showed up to drop me a kind comment and welcome me back around. Some people that I had an acquaintanceship with on Tumblr came by, too. People talked to each other. People talked to me. It was kinda like propping the garden gate open, y'know? So that anybody who wanted to could come by for a cup of tea and a chat in the nice, cozy kitchen. It was so nice, too, going and looking at the recent posts page and being able to catch up on what people that I liked and knew had been doing since the last time we talked -- and not just doing, of course, but also what they had been thinking and reading and doing and feeling. You can pick that up from reblogs, and there were always tags and the occasional personal text posts, but reading people's DW posts really feels like getting to hear one-on-one from them.

It's a very different way of being in fandom, I think. God knows we managed to make it wanky back in the day, and I'm sure things'll change if more fandom people end up on DW, but for now, I'm really glad to back on DW. The garden gate is open! I have thoughts on meatballs!

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Date: 2017-04-19 09:05 pm (UTC)
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1) We are having meatballs for dinner tonight, although not inspired by your post but instead inspired by my kids wanted to read "Bread and Jam for Francis" as a bedtime story last night.

2) Okay so as you know I wasn't in fandom during the heydey of LJ, but I am definitely open to being in fandom on DW! Except for I don't know anyone or how to do it and I'm firmly enmeshed in tumblr and can't keep up with a million social media forums.

3) ....related to the above, I have a personal DW and a fandom DW and I don't know how to keep them separate or if keeping them separate is even really useful/necessary in this environment.

4) I miss chatting with you! We should talk sometime, whether through actual chat or through DW comments.

5) For some reason it won't let me post this comment using my fandom account because it says my message "looks like spam," so let's see if I can post it with my other account. (Edit: it worked, which means that I suppose there is no utility in trying to keep my personal account separate.)
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Date: 2017-04-19 10:50 pm (UTC)
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My kids are turning FOUR in less than two weeks(!!). Not only do they request things for dinner, but they also know how to use the remote to navigate through the Roku to access Octonauts on Netflix, Doc McStuffins on Hulu, and Dora the Explorer on Amazon Prime. It's kind of crazy.

Also ahahahahahahh I had the same reaction to hearing about LJ for the first time, but joined because everyone was doing it (it was still invite only!). It was the recipient of a lot of college roommate drama and a lot of grad school angst. My college friends still use it for their most drama-y moments that are not appropriate for Facebook.

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