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You know what Bucky's equivalent of Steve's box is? A variant on the neural paralyzer that fucks with your inner ear, messes with your perception of direction and movement. They step up behind you and put it up to your ear, and every molecule of your body is convinced you're in free fall. It lasts until they take it away, so you can fall for -- for a very long time. It's simple. Elegant.

You know Natasha's equivalent of Steve's box is? She does well in the Red Room; they send her out on missions at fifteen, and she does well the first, second, and third time through. Flawless. The fourth time, she isn't flawless, and they drug her with the anti-serum, which she was expecting, but she isn't expecting the room they throw her into. Windows along one wall. Table set for -- the smell of dinner on the air, recreated down to the rolls in a woven basket, nd she's already screaming when they send someone, dressed in black, to drag her out and hold her head against the table. She isn't strong enough to fight back.

The first few times, they send Bucky. After that, it's someone else, and after that, they work on reducing the elements necessary: they move the table to a room that doesn't have windows along the side. They take the food off the table, first the chicken, then the bowl of salad, then the place settings, the basket of rolls the last because that's directly in her line of sight. Then, they take the chairs away, and at that point, it's enough for them to put the serum in her, hold her head down and ask her who left the kitchen door unlocked, and she'll go to pieces, sobbing and begging for a chance to show how very, very sorry she is.

Sometimes, they let her up. Sometimes, they take their sweet time doing it. They never tell her that at some point, they stopped using actual anti-serum on her: it's just her own fear and terror and shame from the age of seven holding her to the table, pleading for the chance to make it up to them.

Natasha learns from her experiences. By the time she's twenty-seven, she only goes into the room once a year? Twice? Less as she hits her thirties.

This is what makes her a Red Room legend.
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