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I'm just. I'm just going to c/p the lines I put aside for massive capslock failing right here:

"I have to go," she says, softly, and takes her hand away from the back of the head. You blink, and she has gone down the hatchway.

He pulls his fist back and hits you hard enough to make the world go bloody, and he doesn't stop.

You saved his life when you were fifteen, after he saw what full Red Room training meant and subsequently refused to deliver someone up to the same life that he sent you to

"None," the child with the bow says. "But if you put those cuffs on and don't try to escape, I'll put an arrow through the eye of anyone who tries to hurt you."

Steve Rogers rolls onto his back and struggles for breath. Apparently, on him the Red Room anti-serum rolls back enough of the Super Soldier Serum to give him asthma again.

You've heard what the spear can do, and while you let tears come to your eyes, while you make your voice tremble, you keep a core of cold, burning anger inside you as a counterweight.

BASICALLY. BASICALLY. BASICALLY YOU ARE VERY GOOD AT THIS IT IS KIND OF FRIGHTENING. The differences in perception, Natasha thinking Clint as a child, Natasha taking on Winter Soldier in her bed time soldier for Clint, Loki in the past but still reverberating through everything, the fracturing of faith and trust, and everyone who should know better trying for it anyway, it's the only way it can still hurt so bad, in the trying. And man.

Love is for children. Giving up is for fools.

ALSO HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO FIND THE ONE SPARK OF HOPE TO END IT ON, HOW, HOW. It was deft and wholly earned and yet how.
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