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Some Say I'm Not
Rome and Mason Jennings, (33MB version, XviD)
Antony and Brutus and some Octavian. And I mean, look, it's not a completely and utterly bizarre music choice! Granted, it's kind of doomed to failure when you take into account how totally rhythm deaf I am and how complicated the structure for this song is, especially since I wanted to tell a slightly more complicated story. But, uh, I tried?

Season 2 Rome, but historical character only, so are there really any spoilers? One dimly lit orgy scene near the end, but little sex and even less flesh. Don't hold that too much against me, please.
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Break the Ice
Rome and Britney Spears, 51MB
Rome vid with concentration on Caesar and Octavian and their lust for power and relatives, respectively. Mostly season 1, but some season 2, so SPOILERS AHOY. In the best tradition of the TV series, it's also NSFW due to boobs, buttocks, and sexxin' your sibling.

And why, yes, it is set to Britney Spears. Who knew that Danja was such a fan of imperial spectacle?

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