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Avengers set to "Power" by Kanye West.
Password: 21stcentury
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Bedroom Hymns
Luther set to Florence + the Machine. 15 MB, MP4.
John Luther, Alice Morgan, murder adventures. Warning for shots of graphic blood and mess and poor Indira Varma being held still with something pointy and close to her eardrum.
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99 Problems
Hugo covering Jay-Z covering Iron Man and Iron Man 2
M4V container, watchable in VLC
16.4 MB or so.

This was mostly an excuse to watch my favorite parts of Iron Man avec ladies (Christine! Pepper! More Christine! More Pepper!) and my favorite parts of Iron Man 2 avec ladies (Maria! Black Widow! Alas, no more Maria, but lots and lots more of Black Widow!), and enjoyable bits avec gentlemen (Tony being secretly emo! Tony being openly emo! OBADIAH THE CREEPER! HAPPY PUNCHING THINGS AND BEING LESS AWESOME AT IT THAN BLACK WIDOW BUT ALMOST AS ADORABLE!) Really, though. Let's be honest. Everybody is less awesome than Christine, Pepper, Black Widow, and Maria.

Except maybe Rhodey? Possibly Rhodey.
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Pursuit of Happiness

16 MB
Kid Cudi, Tony Stark, both movies.

I cannot even fucking tell you the amount of difficulty I've had wrestling this #*%)(@#*&$@# vid in and out of various encoders. Something about Windows 7 fucks up all of my trusty and reliables, so I, uh, ended up pretty much using the stupid fucking bloatware DivX encoder to do it. !@*@&$)(*&#.
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Detox (Amy Winehouse v. Britney Spears v. Tony Stark)

King of Pants mashup set to Iron Man.
Tony won't go to rehab.
18MB, XviD or play in VLC
Put together last night before writing the fic of totally retarded Pepper/Obadiah Hivemind crack and this morning after waking up. And yeah, same similar in theme to Freedom Hangs Like Heaven, but with less banjo and more um. Synthesizer? Appearances on the cover of US magazine?
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I'm Afraid of Americans.

Iron Man set to David Bowie and NIN.
Tony, Obadiah, and a whole lot of power issues.
Xvid, 30MB

95% put together last night between 10PM and 2AM after wrapping up the transition cleanup on the Iron Man - Lucifer video. I loved the song in college, but hadn't thought about it in years until [livejournal.com profile] billytaylor listed it in the music field of a post. This isn't Tony/Obadiah in the sense that of "hay guys, let's splice in gay porn without heads or something," but when one of the main characters of a vid is as touch-feely as Obadiah is and when the vid is also set to a NIN production with David Bowie? Yeah. It's hard to avoid, so one of the alternate titles for this was "Tony Stark and the Pantload of Wrong." The other is in the credits.

Anybody who laughs at the line re: combing and hair gets a knuckle goddamn sandwich, by the way.
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God's Gonna Cut You Down.

Iron Man on a Johnny Cash mission. Rick Rubin produces.
XVid, 25MB.
[livejournal.com profile] shoiryu pointed me to this version of the song back in the day for Papa Winchester, but ever since that DOOMTHREAD-PRIME conversation about how post-movie Tony still sees the world as black and white, with-me-or-against-me in essentially the same way as he did at the beginning of the movie, though with the lines of good and bad redrawn a bit, this has been obsessively in my head as the song for post-Afghanistan Tony.

So yeah, a vid about Tony Stark's little proto-soul and, uh, not much more nuanced worldview. More than any of the other vids, it baaaadly needs recutting once the DVD is out, but OMG IT IS DONE NOW IT IS DONE.
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Very easy: Falling in love with Iron Man, the Religious Experience.
Easy: Making a vid of Iron Man to rap-meets-dance-techno-disco-thingy-with-robots.
Hard: Making a vid of Iron Man to banjos and emo folk.
Hardest: Not strangling the woman who was talking through Iron Man and making sarcastic, insulting remarks about how she didn't want to see RDJ pull tubes out of his nose. Shut up, I do.



So, yes, have this instead (13MB, Xvid, reaaaaaaally shitty encode). It's probably funny only to, you know. Me. But it's been a long day, and remember when I was warning you, [livejournal.com profile] dafnap and [livejournal.com profile] gabby_silang, not to encourage me? Indeed.

(And yes, it's supposed to cut out at about a minute. I still had another joke about Obie and the pizza box, but I realized that the abomination should just be put out of its misery. Any sentiment that I am high-minded or intellectual should be put to rest after this, too.)
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Stronger (Harder, Better, Faster)

Tony Stark set to Kanye West and Daft Punk
XVid, 35MB
The song is on my default playlist, and last week, in the throes of full-blown fandom crazy, I started obsessing about what a fantastic track this would make for an Iron Man vid. And then one of the DOOMTHREADS -- it is 4:30AM, and I am too brainfried to figure out where, even with Gmail's halfway decent search engine -- somebody mentioned wanting to see it. And uh. I was too tired to write tonight, so here! HAVE MY OBSESSION.

Started at 10PM or so of Friday night, finished around 4AM of Saturday morning. Not much in the way of movie-independent storytelling, which is probably why it came together so easily. It usually takes me about eight hours per minute, but I banged this together in way, way under that. Think more like a 5:20 recap of the movie than anything else.
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Freedom Hangs Like Heaven.

Iron Man set to Iron and Wine.
20MB, XviD or play in VLC

I'm going to end up recutting this when the DVD comes up because right now, there's this CERTAIN SCENE where SOME FUCKING DOUCHEBAG decides to HANG HIS FUCKING HAND off the side of the CAMERA and then some other asshole walks across andf;lkjgdf. I couldn't figure out a way to cut around it, so that scene sucks. And there's one bit where Rhodey is a talking head, but I figured that I've wasted a week of my life already on this.

So yes. Iron Man and Iron and Wine with Calexico production. And just ignore the fact that they use the wrong reign/reins on that Forbes cover. XD
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Some Say I'm Not
Rome and Mason Jennings, (33MB version, XviD)
Antony and Brutus and some Octavian. And I mean, look, it's not a completely and utterly bizarre music choice! Granted, it's kind of doomed to failure when you take into account how totally rhythm deaf I am and how complicated the structure for this song is, especially since I wanted to tell a slightly more complicated story. But, uh, I tried?

Season 2 Rome, but historical character only, so are there really any spoilers? One dimly lit orgy scene near the end, but little sex and even less flesh. Don't hold that too much against me, please.
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Break the Ice
Rome and Britney Spears, 51MB
Rome vid with concentration on Caesar and Octavian and their lust for power and relatives, respectively. Mostly season 1, but some season 2, so SPOILERS AHOY. In the best tradition of the TV series, it's also NSFW due to boobs, buttocks, and sexxin' your sibling.

And why, yes, it is set to Britney Spears. Who knew that Danja was such a fan of imperial spectacle?

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