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With a goal of reading 50 new-to-me books this year, here are my books finished so far in FY 2017-2018*:

1. The Shadow Isle by Katharine Kerr
2. Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan
3. The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch
4. A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

* FY is a lot easier for me, because the end of the calendar year is usually a complete and utter disaster due to all the bankers wanting to book deals so that they can show up on the next bonus check.


The Shadow Isle by Katharine Kerr. )

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan. )

The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch )

Fatal Grace by Louise Penny )
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Spotify likes to do auto-generated playlists -- like, it'll pull tracks that you have on various playlists and group them into pop themed playlists and rock-themed playlists and classic music or whatever. But they've recently started doing ones based on tracks you've listend to a lot at various times, and uh.



Recently worked my way through all three books of Diana Wynne John's "Howl's Moving Castle" series, and they're as charming as advertised -- magic cats! Sisterhood! Babies! Domestic housekeeping being valued and not denigrated! The intro to the first book is one of the most effective openings that I've ever read in the genre of updated fairytales, because it's clean and tight and shows such awareness of the form, while also making smart, focused tweaks.

On the other hand, who gives a fuck about Howl? As usual, I'm apparently in the minority on this, because there's a bit at the end of one of the books where Jones mentions how many girls show up at readings with crushes on Howl, whereas I'm just ????????????????????????? WHAT IS THERE TO LIKE ????????????? SOPHIE WHAT DO U SEE IN HIM??????????????

I told Mr. Rhod this, along with the bit from Wikipedia about Howl being an interpretation of the Byronic hero ideal, and he started to laugh at how I was surprised at not liking Howl. Because it's completely true -- Howl, and his flashy, dramatic ways and inability to commit and unwillingness to take responsibility are things that actively repel me. I'm too old for that shit, and like, there's a bit in Howl's Moving Castle about him throwing a temper tantrum in the course of days-long sulk, and causing the whole house to be covered in green goo that Sophie has to work herself to the bone cleaning up, right?

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A Stew For When It's Cold and You're Sad and Tired

1 32 ounce container of kimchi, cheap as you please
2-3 pounds meaty pork neck bones

Dump kimchi (including all brine in the container) and pork in stovetop pressure cooker.  Seal.  Cook on high pressure for 35 minutes. Eat over rice.


A Stew For When It's Cold and You're Sad and Tired, But Are Feeling A Little More Capable

1/2 white onion, cut in half and with papery bits peeled, but otherwise whole
1 soup carrot, broken in half
1 32 ounce container of kimchi, cheap as you please
2-3 pounds meaty pork neck bones
1 pound crimini mushrooms, whole
6 cloves garlic (peeled, but otherwise whole)
1 thumb-length nob of ginger (cut in half, unpeeled)
2 pieces of rock sugar, just slightly smaller than your thumb
1 package powdered gelatine
cheap-ass fish sauce
soy sauce

Put first two incredients in bottom of stovetop pressure cooker, and saute for 30 minutes while you remove snot from the nose of a shrieking toddler and then get him ready for bed while he shoots you baleful, recriminating looks before finally forgiving you when he gets to suck on his pacifier.  Come downstairs, and toss all other into the stovetop pressure cooker.  Cook for 35 minutes.  Fish out the onion and carrot, because they have given it their all and have turned into pulp.

Eat over rice, or alternatively, fish out the neck bones, pick off the meat beacuse your husband doesn't like gristly bits, toss in a pound of short ribs cut into the individual ribs, and cook on high for 12 minutes while you have a proper Chinese munch on the neck bones. 


On politics and the personal. )
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I've been saving Goldenhand by Garth Nix for a week when work was hectic.  That week has finally come (and boy has it ever), but at least I have Goldenhand to buttress me.  I have quibbles with the writing, but I have quibbles with pretty much all writing*, and this is just so, so, so  wonderful. 

Like, one of my absolute favorite things about Garth Nix is that he's actually a dude who can write and does write really interesting, really absorbing women characters.  A woman is the main character of each of the first two novels in the Old Kingdom series**, and while the third one was more of an ensemble piece that still had a lot of really awesome ladies, a couple of the (absolutely delightful) short stories that have come out were dude-centered.  So in Goldenhand it feels like Nix has decided to personally make it up to me with the first scenes being:

1. Two lady necromancers hangin' out and dispatchin' some fucking zombies
2. While discussing their nemesis, who is also a lady necromancer
3. Cut to two guards on duty, the experienced, sensible, older one of whom turns out to be a lady
4. And while they're on duty, somebody rocks up and is like YO I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR THAT ALL-LADY, NON-WHITE PROPHETESS GROUP OF RENOWN AND FAME
5. And it turns out this messenger is also a lady
6. And she's gonna be a main character of the book.
7. Cut to lady hawkmaster who dispatches a little girl messenger
8. To summon one of the aforementioned lady necromancers and the woman who basically rules the kingdom while her parents are away


* An actual conversation in our household last week involved me, explaining to Mr. Rhod at great length, why I refused to read Giraffe's Can't Dance to our pre-verbal, just-shy-of-a year kid because not only do I dislike how it references various savannah animals as being jungle ones, and how sloppy it generally is with language in order to get a rhyme, but I also object to how it treats Africa as a single country, how Africa has a jungle, etc. Simultaneously, I get annoyed by A is for Activist because I disapprove of its unorthodox capitalization style, which Mr. Rhod points out is just them being an alphabet book and capitalizing on each page all words that start with the designated letter for that page. The only books, by the way, that meet my exacting requirements: King Baby by Kate Beaton, and The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Everything else we have can go get FUCKED.

** The first half of Lirael was some of the most INTENSE ASS wish-fulfillment reading I have ever done in my life. Like, I can't remember reading anything ever as a kid that made me feel so INTENSELY and so DEEPLY and so PROFOUNDLY that here was a book that had a version of me in it who was having ADVENTURES IN A LIBRARY and LITTLE CLOCKWORK MICE and a DISREPUTABLE DOG WHO LOVED ME and and and. 
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Apropos of nothing but five (!) years on Tumblr, I have to say that it's kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda delightful to come back to a more journal-y format. Tumblr feels a lot like San Diego Comic Con in all of its glory and all of its misery.

Like, there are so many pretty things to look at! So many text posts to read! A never-ending torrent of multimedia content, along thousands and thousands of strangers, with hundreds of people at any given time standing and holding forth and waving their arms and loudly expressing themselves, and sure you can meet your friends behind the Marvel booth, and it's so so so nice to see all these people who are also interested in something similar, but oh God, it's so loud, and most of these people are so wrong, and is it really worth fighting through all those crowds????

In contrast, when I posted to DW yesterday, old fandom friends, some of whom I haven't connected with in years, showed up to drop me a kind comment and welcome me back around. Some people that I had an acquaintanceship with on Tumblr came by, too. People talked to each other. People talked to me. It was kinda like propping the garden gate open, y'know? So that anybody who wanted to could come by for a cup of tea and a chat in the nice, cozy kitchen. It was so nice, too, going and looking at the recent posts page and being able to catch up on what people that I liked and knew had been doing since the last time we talked -- and not just doing, of course, but also what they had been thinking and reading and doing and feeling. You can pick that up from reblogs, and there were always tags and the occasional personal text posts, but reading people's DW posts really feels like getting to hear one-on-one from them.

It's a very different way of being in fandom, I think. God knows we managed to make it wanky back in the day, and I'm sure things'll change if more fandom people end up on DW, but for now, I'm really glad to back on DW. The garden gate is open! I have thoughts on meatballs!
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Meatballs By Somebody Whose Mother Was Too Chinese to Make Meatballs But Who Really Loves Meatballs

A recipe. )


Which is to say that we've been watching Big Little Lies for the past two weeks, and some thoughts. )
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Which is to say that I've pretty much laid down the DW in favor of tumblr, where WIP and other things that'll never entirely be done are posted under this tag.

Finished fic is generally archived on AO3 now, where there are fifteen fics (plus or minus margin of error eleventy billion) fics that weren't posted to here. It's mostly shorter MCU pieces with one long Tony/Pepper dubcon/noncon mirrorverse AU express, and a handful of Teen Wolf.
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Six Universes.

Six stories about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Six universes where Steve Rogers went into an orphanage.

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All things are well. NC-17 for, like, a lot of sex. Steve Rogers gets a boyfriend. Sort of. You thought, at first, maybe professional athlete of some kind, but the only sport he ever talks about is baseball, and he's not a baseball player.
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Technically, a continuation of Your Fixed Point, but not a sequel in the sense that you need to have read that fic for this to make sense. Your Fixed Point followed the plot of IM1 very, very closely. This one follows-ish IM2 and Avengers. It also takes as canon the novelization bit about Tony re-discovering vibranium in IM2.

Rated R. Underage sex, arguably coerced consent, violence, general notshiny sadfeels, and my reluctance to warn because of REASONS. You know the drill. )
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Avengers set to "Power" by Kanye West.
Password: 21stcentury
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This fic is probably the worst thing I've written in a while. And by worst, I mean "meanest to characters that I really enjoy." It starts out with Nick Fury explaining kill switches to Steve Rogers and gets worse from there.

No good awful badness miseryporn terrible crazypants crack. Post-Avengers. Rated R. Steve/Natasha, Steve/Bucky. )
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This is pretty damn long. Broken into two parts for LJ's length limits. See the notes at the end of part 2 for at least an attempt to talk about the gender issues and intent behind this?

Stephanie Rogers goes into the chamber. Somebody they decide to call Steve Rogers comes out. Genderswap-ish Captain America with lashings of comic canon. Also, the pronouns, as you can imagine, are a mess. PG-13. )
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I wrote a fic a couple weeks ago where Steve got the girl, the apartment, and all of the cool friends. He made out OK! Nothing was awful! Nobody got smacked around! Nobody was raped! And this is my soul's opposite reaction. Though nobody dies in this one either.

FEBRILE ANIMAL UNDERBRAIN ACTIVATE. I have no idea when vodka was introduced in the US. Long descriptions of violence. Here be potentially triggering non-con bad touch sexual terribleness on, you know. Multiple fronts. I'm not kidding. Also, stuff happens to Steve that fandom usually doesn't see outside kinkmeme. You are warned. )

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