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Which is to say that I've pretty much laid down the DW in favor of tumblr, where WIP and other things that'll never entirely be done are posted under this tag.

Finished fic is generally archived on AO3 now, where there are fifteen fics (plus or minus margin of error eleventy billion) fics that weren't posted to here. It's mostly shorter MCU pieces with one long Tony/Pepper dubcon/noncon mirrorverse AU express, and a handful of Teen Wolf.
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Six Universes.

Six stories about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Six universes where Steve Rogers went into an orphanage.

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All things are well. NC-17 for, like, a lot of sex. Steve Rogers gets a boyfriend. Sort of. You thought, at first, maybe professional athlete of some kind, but the only sport he ever talks about is baseball, and he's not a baseball player.
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Technically, a continuation of Your Fixed Point, but not a sequel in the sense that you need to have read that fic for this to make sense. Your Fixed Point followed the plot of IM1 very, very closely. This one follows-ish IM2 and Avengers. It also takes as canon the novelization bit about Tony re-discovering vibranium in IM2.

Rated R. Underage sex, arguably coerced consent, violence, general notshiny sadfeels, and my reluctance to warn because of REASONS. You know the drill. )
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Avengers set to "Power" by Kanye West.
Password: 21stcentury
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This fic is probably the worst thing I've written in a while. And by worst, I mean "meanest to characters that I really enjoy." It starts out with Nick Fury explaining kill switches to Steve Rogers and gets worse from there.

No good awful badness miseryporn terrible crazypants crack. Post-Avengers. Rated R. Steve/Natasha, Steve/Bucky. )
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This is pretty damn long. Broken into two parts for LJ's length limits. See the notes at the end of part 2 for at least an attempt to talk about the gender issues and intent behind this?

Stephanie Rogers goes into the chamber. Somebody they decide to call Steve Rogers comes out. Genderswap-ish Captain America with lashings of comic canon. Also, the pronouns, as you can imagine, are a mess. PG-13. )
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I wrote a fic a couple weeks ago where Steve got the girl, the apartment, and all of the cool friends. He made out OK! Nothing was awful! Nobody got smacked around! Nobody was raped! And this is my soul's opposite reaction. Though nobody dies in this one either.

FEBRILE ANIMAL UNDERBRAIN ACTIVATE. I have no idea when vodka was introduced in the US. Long descriptions of violence. Here be potentially triggering non-con bad touch sexual terribleness on, you know. Multiple fronts. I'm not kidding. Also, stuff happens to Steve that fandom usually doesn't see outside kinkmeme. You are warned. )
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Guys, I have so many feelings about Avengers. We went back to see it this afternoon, and I just can't deal with it.

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Just got back. Suspect I may never sleep again. How did I end up with Hulk feelings. How did I end up with Hawkeye feelings. How did I end up with Loki feelings. How did I ship people actually working together and being good at it. What is wrong with me.
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This is the fluffiest story I have ever written. Its subtitle is basically EVERYBODY LOVES STEVE INCLUDING ME, RHOD.

Steve Rogers and Brooklyn. )
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Premises of this fic:

* Bucky comes back from the Hydra isolation chamber with serious goddamn damage. In fact, Hydra's work on him is the base that the Red Room uses in Winter Soldier-rizing him.

* Blowjobs.

Steve/Bucky and lots of sad. )

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